The O2DS Z-Scanner launched last year, based on the newest DSE-technology, is now available in synchronized versions where two or more scanners work with a uniform movement of the laser rays. Complex 2D/geometric measurements can in this manner be performed accurately.
O2DS Scanner Synchronization
The working principle is one master scanner unit together with one or more slave units – as for example, when four units controls dimensions at a hot or cold production process in a tube mill.

The O2DS Z-Scanner family is in many ways unique. It offers high quality measurement, such as high measuring accuracy at long standoff distances and over long measurement ranges. The high precision can be realized on very difficult target surfaces, a combination very seldom seen.

Based on our more than 20 years of experience in the field of high precision laser measuring we have developed this highly competitive product family, all models of best quality and with excellent price performance ratio.

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