The new ODS Black-Line series consist of a number of physical identical sensors offering a choice of different measuring ranges from 50 mm to 750 mm. The measuring frequency is 2 kHz. 

The compact and robust housing is suitable for most kind of environments, and the applications where this sensor family can be used are innumerable, extending from laboratory to steel and offshore industry – wherever a non-contact precision measurement is advantageous. Warning signals tell when the distance is out of range and also when it is at the center distance. The sensor house is equipped with a type A M12 male connector with 12 pins.

To meet the demands for distance measurement on high temperature targets surfaces, the ODS new Black-Line family can be built in 3 different High Temperature versions to reach different levels of temperature, basically named HT (up to 1000ºC), VHT(up to 1300ºC) and VVHT. As a rather unique feature the VVHT version are capable of measuring on some extreme hot target surfaces up to 2.200ºC. 

Based on our yearlong experience in the field of high precision non/contact measuring we are certain, that we once again, have developed a price competitive series of sensors with unsurpassed price, quality and performance ratio.

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